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Product features:It is suitable for roll labeling, flat surface, concave convex surface and square bottle of various workpieces.

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Fy-023 semi-automatic flat surface rolling labeling machine

Product introduction
It can be applied to label on the plane, concave convex surface, square bottle and arc of various workpieces, such as washing liquid flat bottle, four side square bottle, glass water bottle, mobile phone case film, etc. Changing the labeling mechanism can be applied to uneven surface labeling, such as concave plane, arc surface labeling.
Changing the fixture can be applied to label various irregular workpieces. Choose the color belt printer or inkjet printer, print the production date and batch number on the label, and realize the integration of coding and labeling.
Technical parameters

The following standard model technical parameters, other special requirements
and functions can be customized

Technical parameters Scope of application Remarks
Labeling accuracy ±0.5mm Excluding product and label error
Labeling speed 15-35 pieces / min Related to product and label size
Applicable product size (length) 20mm~200mm
Applicable product size (width) 20mm~150mm
Applicable product size (height) 0.2mm~120mm
Applicable label size Length: 15mm-100mm < br > width: 10mm-120mm
Inner diameter of label roll Φ76mm
Maximum outer diameter of label Φ280mm
Overall size (L x W x H) About 850mmx410mmx720mm
Applicable power supply 220V/50HZ
Overall power 145W
Air pressure (MPA) 0.4~0.6
Total weight About 48kg