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One: Our company provides two kinds of automatic wine labeling machine and semi-automatic wine labeling machine:

Red wine labeling machine Bordeaux straight bottle labeling, pot-bellied bottle labeling, European bottle, Remy Horse bottle labeling, taper red wine bottle, import and export red wine label replacement labeling, can be applied to the designated position of the red wine bottle Labeling (referred to as positioning labeling), there are many types of red wine, the shape of the bottle and the number of labels will also be different according to the packaging positioning of the manufacturer’s products. Generally, red wine labels are front-back labels (one on the front of the bottle, One sticker on the back of the bottle, the interval between the two labels needs to be the same), there are also special ones, such as import/export labels. Some manufacturers may need to export red wine. The label before export is in Chinese, and the requirement is for export. Sometimes it is necessary to change the label in English, or the label of imported red wine is in English, but when entering China, it is necessary to change the label in Chinese. Our company produces special wine labeling machines, automatic wine labeling machines and semi-automatic labeling machines for various customer requirements, and successfully put them into production in a certain wine company in Ningxia.

Two: Tips for purchasing wine labeling machine:

1: It is recommended to use semi-automatic wine labeling machine for small output and multiple bottle types.

2: The automatic wine labeling machine is mostly used for large output.

3: Now that the output is small but the subsequent orders are large, it is recommended to use a fully automatic wine labeling machine in one step.

4: Compatibility of the wine labeling machine (can the labeling machine be compatible with the types of wine bottles)

5: Whether to put the production date on the label (this can be increased according to customer needs).

Three: Features of Fangjinyuan Equipment Wine Labeling Machine

1: Simple operation, ready to use, stable performance, wide application, one-key switching of various functions, simple and quick switching of labeling of different product labels, improving efficiency. For example, some customers have two kinds of products, one is to affix one label, and some are to affix two labels, and the two functions of switching on our labeling machine can be switched at will on the product of the labeling equipment. (As shown below)

2: The distance between the front and back double labels can be adjusted flexibly, and the circumferential positioning function is optional, and the label is set on the circumferential surface.

3: 8-square adjustment seat design, supports conical bottle labeling, with taper adjustment knob, simple adjustment can meet the tapered bottle labeling (as shown below);

4: Safe and hygienic, in line with GMP production requirements, the main material is 304 stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, strong and durable

5: Advanced electrical equipment configuration, stable performance, high precision labeling machine and long life.

Three: The following is the latest price of our company's wine labeling machine:

Product image Device model Device parameters Applicable bottle Price of labeling machine

Semi-automatic wine labeling machine
FY-021 Labeling accuracy: ±0.5mm
Labeling speed: 20~40 pieces/minute
Applicable product diameter: Φ15mm~φ160mm
Applicable label size: length: 15mm~380mm
Bordeaux straight bottle
Belly bottle
European bottle
Remy Horse bottle labeling
Tapered red wine bottle etc.
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Automatic wine labeling machine
BK-303 Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Labeling speed: 25~50 pieces/minute
Applicable product diameter: φ25mm~φ90mm
Applicable product and height: 25mm~300mm
Bordeaux bottle type
Burgundy bottle type
Champagne bubble bottle type
Alsace bottle type
Ice wine bottle type
Rhone valley bottle etc.
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Four: Why do I need to call to quote?

1. Avoid malicious price competition among peers first.

2. We know the situation of your product from your call, such as the shape of the wine bottle, the daily output of red wine (decided to use semi-automatic labeling machine and automatic labeling machine) label size, shape, independent use or After connecting to the production line of the workshop, such as filling machine, bottle unscrambler, etc., we will recommend the labeling machine most suitable for your product, and attach the labeling equipment information, product video, and provide labeling machine quotation.

3, 7*24 hours labeling machine service contact number 18566159829  0769-82669945  Liu Gong.

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