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Many people often encounter some problems in the process of using the full-automatic double side labeling machine, but they do not know where these problems come from and what causes people a headache. Today, let's learn how to find out the fault causes of the double-sided labeling machine.

1、 The backing paper is broken

1. Check whether the base paper has been cut. If the base paper is cut, it is necessary to replace the base paper with high quality. It is recommended to use grasin base paper, and the label supplier is required to control the die cutting depth to avoid damaging the bottom paper.

2. Check whether there is scratch in the label detour and eliminate the scratch factor.

3. If the label is adhered, the label is easy to tear off. Control the length of the next label to ensure that it does not adhere to the labeled product.

2、 The labeling deviation exceeds the accuracy requirement

1. Take the label out of the way, loosen the traction mechanism, pull the label back and forth, and let it go straight automatically. After the label is aligned, clamp the limit rings on both sides to guide the label.

Automatic double side labeling machine

2. The direction of the label belt is not parallel to the conveying direction of the product, and it can be realized by adjusting the inclination of the label head.

3. Traction wheel slipping, traction wheel wear, traction wheel locking screw loosening, two reasons can tighten traction wheel locking screw.

4. Only in the process of product quality control, can the product quality be controlled.

3、 Continuous bidding

1. If the adjustment of the electric eye can not be solved, it may be that the label is beyond the applicable scope of the selected electric eye, or the electric eye is damaged

2, another reason is the mark takes away, the electric eye does not detect the label, the electric eye before and after the adjustment to the detection position.

4、 The backing paper at the stripping mark board is loose

1. If the traction speed is too low, it can be solved by increasing the traction speed

2. If the traction mechanism slips, tighten the locking screw of the traction roller until the bottom paper does not slip.

3. In addition, pay attention to whether the drive belt behind the receiving shaft is